Tuesday, March 15, 2016

03.15.16 - DIY Spring / Easter / St Patty's Decor

Randomly started making some little decorations for the upcoming holidays and went with a pastel green and pink theme to cover St. Patty's Day, Spring and Easter all at once. I love versatile decor like pumpkins - they can last you through Halloween, Fall & Thanksgiving! I made little potted pinwheels - and they were super easy and inexpensive to make.

Time: 5 Minutes
Difficulty: Easy Peasy
Cost: Approx. $5 (Depending on what supplies you already have)
Makes: 10

x1 Cardstock / Origami / Colored Paper
x1 Scissors
x1 Glue Gun
x1 Pack of Lunch Bags (Dollar Tree!)
x1 Straws
x1 Tape
x1 Pots (I bought a 10 pack at Dollar Tree)
x1 Spray Paint (Optional)
x1 Doilies (Also from Dollar Tree)

1) Spray paint pots to desired color (optional).
2) While they're drying, make pinwheels. (Here's an easy tutorial if needed)
3) Tape straws behind pinwheels.
4) Cut small hole in middle of doily.
5) Crumple lunch bags into donut shape.
6) Insert pinwheel INTO donut paper then into doily hole.
7) Stuff everything into pot.
8) Bask in the glory of your creation.

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