Wednesday, February 3, 2016

02.03.16 - FREE 3D Popup Minecraft Creeper SVG Template

Planning a Minecraft themed birthday party (aka Ninecraft!) for my soon-to-be nine year old son and didn't want to do some generic store-bought invites.. so decided to make my own with my Silhouette Portrait! I practiced a Creeper template on regular copy paper until I got the lines and look I wanted then created my own SVG file.. which I will be sharing with you FREE!

Download SVG File HERE!

Ssss... BOOM!


  1. This is NOT an SVG file or at least my pc said it was an unsupported file. Is there any way you can send me or post a .pdf file or even a .jpeg file or and svg file that will work? :) :)

    Thanks so much, I really like your design and the card will be for my sons birthday coming up on February 21 2018. Many thanks.