Sunday, February 7, 2016

02.07.16 - Ninecraft Birthday Party!

We had an awesome Ninecraft Birthday party for Calvin and it was a great success! The kids had a blast and went home w some Minecraft swag and tummies full of cake and snacks.

Here are the deets:

Made a banner out of green and brown cardstock (to mimic Minecraft dirt blocks), gold origami paper purchased from Daiso and twine with the help of my new obsession - my Silhouette Portrait. I made the grass texture on Silhouette Studio, provided for your use FREE. ^^

Font courtesy of DaFont: MinecrafterAlt
Silhouette Grass SVG Template HERE

* * * * *

Coincidentally found these grass & dirt plates at Target clearance for $1.50 a pack!! Totally a pleasant surprise!

* * * * *

Added some custom Minecraft themed food labels for the snack bar.. the kids went CRAZY for it! Spray painted some Ikea photo frames with gold and inserted some printed food labels. An oldie but goodie idea from Pinterest.

Water: Blueberry Jello w/ Plastic shot glasses & spoons from Dollar Tree
1 pack of Jello made appox 40-50 jello shots
Dirt: Rice Krispies
Gold: Hershey's Nuggets (FYI, Amazon was cheaper than Costco!)
Stick: Dollar Tree Pretzel Sticks
Trap Door: Chex Mix
Fish: Pepperidge Farm Goldfishies
Snowball: Mini Marshmallows (Can also label as Ghast Poo! lol)
Potato: Chips
Obsidian: Mini Oreos
TNT: Red Vines

FREE Food Labels I made HERE (You will have to trim these)
Ikea Photo Frames ($0.99!) HERE

* * * * *

Kept it simple with the decorations with some various papercraft Minecraft blocks found at:

* * * * *

Also made a Treasure Chest from a diaper box covered in craft paper and electrical tape from Dollar Tree. So easy! Filled the treasure chest with some homemade swords & pickaxes printed at the copy store, glued on black foam cardboard from Dollar Tree with 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive and cut out with my trusty exacto knife.

Printable Sword & Pickaxe templates provided by All for the Boys Blog:

* * * * *

A major hit at the party was the Ghast Pinata I made with an Amazon box, one pack of streamers, some glue and gray/black cardstock for the face! Calvin suggested we add a birthday hat to the Ghast which ended up adding a very cute touch to it!

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