Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cool Beans! April Kupons!

More deals..! Didn't want to mix these in with the Earth Day deals, since they're pretty much unrelated...


Earth Day

Today, is a special day where everyone celebrates this joyous day called "Earth Day." This is a day where everyone stops to contemplate what exactly have they done to save the very planet we are destroying. Some people switch from styrofoam to plastic, some go from V6 to hybrid/electric vehicles (ironic considering the recycling challenges for the batteries), but some people, like me, celebrate by taking full on advantage of the deals that are sure to come with any holiday - national or otherwise.

Funday Sunday

Yay! Hoardable is now open for bitniss. Just wanted a place to store all my ramblings, coupons 'n such. Why Hoardable? Because cute things are ADORable. Inexpensive things are AFFORDable. So things I hoard are HOARDable. That's the gist of it.

And so it begins....