Sunday, April 22, 2012

Funday Sunday

Yay! Hoardable is now open for bitniss. Just wanted a place to store all my ramblings, coupons 'n such. Why Hoardable? Because cute things are ADORable. Inexpensive things are AFFORDable. So things I hoard are HOARDable. That's the gist of it.

And so it begins....

So, I've been asked countless times where am I getting all my deals... where, you ask? EVERYWHERE.
Among my favorites, in no particular order:

Edit: 4/22/12
Adding some Hoardable Characters!

Meet Kupon-chan! He's shy and easily tensed out by the hoards of fellow Slickdealers that rush the Target Clearance aisles and Black Friday Walmart mobs! Whatever you do, do NOT cut him in line, or he'll rip you to shreds - or at the very least, clip you! You just better hope you get someone to save youuuu D:


And here is Bakodo-chan! The outgoing, approachable Bakodo-chan is always up for some bar hopping & line dancing. Loves to scan the room for cuties that are UPC (that's code).

Yes, I know - I'm absolutely punny. :3

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